• Why pennies cost more to mint than they’re worth, in one picture

    It costs more than a cent to mint a penny (two cents, in fact). Nickels cost 9 cents to mint. Of course some of that is material costs. But there’s also the cost of the minting process itself:

    Picture credit: Encyclopedia Britannica blog.

    • Forgive a non-economist for asking an perhaps ignorant question, but isn’t the real problem that cents are so inflated that they don’t cover the total cost of making pennies?

    • @DJMoore,

      No, because a penny can be spent more than once.

    • So, you’re essentially saying that the value of a penny is $0.01 times the number of times the coin is spent until it’s withdrawn from circulation times (I’m guessing) some constant?

    • Perhaps the relevant point is that small coins — pennies and nickles are perhaps and increasingly obsolete manifesttation of a technology and economic methodology that isas obsolete as dial telephones.