Why is this so hard to understand?

I’ve written this so many times, I fear someone will start accusing me of plagiarizing myself. Yet it seems that it’s still a mystery to some.

There are many things that government is good at with respect to health care insurance. It’s great at making sure everyone is covered. It’s also great at keeping spending under control.

There are some arguments to be made about what government is not good at. There are some who believe it doesn’t promote good quality (although I disagree). There are some who fear that it stifles innovation (often because it’s good at keeping spending down). There are some who dislike that it limits choice.

But it’s good at keeping spending down. That’s why Governor Romney gets caught up in a “gaffe” when he talks about Israel’s health care system. It keeps spending so low because it has a lot of government cost controls.

But because we’ve gone through the looking glass here in the US, you get people arguing that government is bad at cost controls,and that we can save money by eliminating them. That’s just… bizarre.


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