• Why can’t we get some simple answers on health care?

    I’m so tempted to just repost this piece from last year, but suffice it to say – this campaign ain’t the last one. Say what you will about it, but it was chock full of details on Democratic plans for health care reform.

    This time around, we’ve got a ton of proposals that contradict each other. There’s Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget (now abandoned). There’s Ryan-Wyden. There’s Paul Ryan’s 2013 budget (which Wyden doesn’t support). There’s Mitt Romney’s “plan“. And now there’s the Republican party platform.

    So Medicare will both stay a defined benefit program and be saved by no longer being a defined benefit program. We will eliminate the $700+ billion in savings to the trust fund, yet extend its life. We will not cut any benefits, but will reduce Medicare spending dramatically. We will increase Medicare spending, but somehow not seniors’ premiums.

    All of this could, of course, be explained by a few questions and some direct answers. In this election, though, I suspect neither are forthcoming.

    P.S. Don’t even get me started on the utter lack of interest by the press in Medicaid at all.


    • You are completely right about the confusion that exists about health care in general and Medicare/Medicaid specifically. Forget the confusion about the facts, most people don’t even operate on the level of facts when it comes to healthcare, but they rely on rumors and opinions and political rhetoric. It’s a nebulous and exciting time to be in healthcare.

    • It’s actually brilliant politics by the Republicans here. They’re trying to turn a weakness (Ryan’s plan) into a strength by appearing to attack the ACA from the left. All while maintaining that they’re actually the party that is serious about the deficit (despite their refusal to touch defense or consider tax increases). Honestly, it seems to be succeeding, as the Dems have been forced to play defense on Medicare, which everyone thought was a slam dunk issue for them once Ryan was chosen.

    • Could you make the title more clear–as in the post is about Republican proposals?