Where are we now?

I feel like it’s all down to politics at this point, which leaves me little to say.  Yes, the Senate voted to begin debate.  Whoopee.  I cannot believe I’m being told to get excited by the fact that people are agreeing just to talk about reform.  Really?  It’s possible that they might have decided not to talk about reform?

Here is some discussion you might find interesting.

Steve Benen on where things stand.

Jon Cohn on the same topic.

Ezra Klein on how the public option might harm the Democrats.

Bruce Bartlett on the hypocracy of those who supported Medicare Part D and oppose reform.  BTW, you should read everything he writes.  I’m buying his book today.

The CBPP on how the Senate bill might be better for middle income people and worse for poor people.

I’ll check back in when something that concerns, you know, actual people – not just politicians – happens.

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