Childrens’ Books About Money

One year shy of kindergarten, my oldest daughter has become interested in receiving and spending money. She now gets a tiny allowance and with it I’m teaching her about how to save, count, and use currency. These are the first steps in a long-term financial literacy curriculum.

Thinking it’d be nice to get a few age-appropriate books with money themes I asked my mother to do some research. In her internet exploration she found Tennessee Saves, a University of Tennessee program affiliated with the national America Saves campaign. America Saves and its affiliates provide educational materials, support, and advice to encourage individuals and families “to pay down debt, build an emergency fund, save for a home, save for an education, or save for retirement.”

The Tennessee Saves website, and likely those of other America Saves affiliates, has a lot of good educational material, including resources for kids. Among them is a list of children’s books about money (pdf). The list includes dozens of books, among them many for children as young as four. Looks like a good resource.

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