What’s the second best US city for culture? You’ll never guess!

Click bait, yes, but I don’t care:

Property Shark, a property research website, put together a list of the 20 U.S. cities with the most activities dedicated to culture and recreation, including museums, libraries, theaters parks, and stadiums.

The team then factored in how many attractions there were per capita to create the final ranked list.

What’s the second best city? Indi-freaking-anapolis:

#2 Indianapolis, IN

One cultural attraction for every 705 people

Indianapolis may not seem like a cultural capital of America, but it has six different cultural districts and a rich heritage.

The city has also tried to become a destination for arts and culture with 1,184 properties, including the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum.

Suck it, rest of the United States! Except, I guess, Seattle*, which was #1.


*For the record, I lived in Seattle for five years before moving to Indianapolis. So I guess that makes me the most cultured man in America.

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