What Ezekiel Emanuel wants you to read

I signed up for Zeke Emanuel’s Coursera course Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act. I confess, however, that I’m not keeping up with the lectures. In the comments, steve noted the good resources Emanuel lists for his class. Since very few of you will have signed up for the course, I thought I’d reproduce that list here. I believe it is all ungated/free. Much of it, or similar, has been cited on this blog before. Happy reading.

(Note: Some of these documents are long. Emanuel just assigns portions or the executive summary in some cases. In others he suggests browsing. I deleted his suggestions because I’m not sure if I am really free to share any content of the course here. But providing links to publicly available resources should not be in violation of anything (right?). So that’s all I’m doing. Of course you should read what you like.)

Access to health care

Quality of health care

Cost of US health care in international context

Growth in US health care costs

Health care malpractice

History of health care reform

The ACA and access to health care

The ACA and cost control

The ACA and health care delivery

The ACA and innovation


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