Welcoming Bill Gardner and other announcements

I should have done this a few weeks ago, but a hearty welcome to Bill Gardner as a TIE blogger. Expect a post from him about once a week.

While I’m announcing things, I’ll note that it’s grant proposal season for me. I’m a bit busy trying to make a living and not blogging as much as I do so. Maybe you’ve noticed. If not, good! (Or, bad?)

Let’s see, I need another announcement to justify the use of plural (“announcements“) in the title. Hmmm … what else is on my mind? Oh, maybe I’ll just note that if you’re starting to think about how you’ll receive TIE content after Google pulls Reader (expected July 1), you might consider signing up for the once-daily email of posts. Do so here. We don’t use your email for any other purpose. Never have. Never will. You can unsubscribe anytime. (And, yes, there’s also NewsBlur, which I’ve already mentioned, twice. And, yes, there are other RSS reader options.)


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