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Most readers will have noticed that BU Law Professor Kevin Outterson has been posting here  for some time. I haven’t formally introduced him or publicly welcomed him yet. That just reflects an internal limbo status he’s been in, for no good reason other than we don’t really have a clear process for bringing on a new blogger or deciding when someone switches from guest post status to full-fledged TIE blogger.

Well, let’s just say Kevin is now fully on board. If you haven’t read his bio on the Other Contributors page yet, here it is:

Kevin Outterson’s research work focuses on legal rules governing pharmaceutical markets, including antibiotics and other antimicrobials that can degrade in usefulness over time through resistance. He leads an interdisciplinary project on the legal ecology of antimicrobial resistance, funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Kevin Outterson publishes in both legal journals (Yale Journal of Health PolicyLaw & EthicsCardozo Law ReviewBostonUniversity Law Review, University of Pittsburgh Law Review,Kansas Law Review) and peer-reviewed medical and health policy journals (Health AffairsLancet Infectious DiseasesEnvironmental Philosophy, Medical Journal of AustraliaJournal of Generic Medicines, Clinical Infectious Diseases).  He is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics and Faculty Advisor to the American Journal of Law & Medicine.

His academic papers can be found at http://ssrn.com/author=340746.

This blog is now home to a health economist (me), a physician and heath services researcher (Aaron)–the two of us co-administer the blog–a law professor (Kevin), a practicing antitrust attorney (Ian), and yet another and rarely contributing health economist (Steve). (See the Other Contributors page for Kevin’s, Ian’s, and Steve’s bios.) Steve is also a close consultant to the blog, a kind of one-man board of directors.

So, the blog is full and now able to cover nearly all things health policy, politics, and research. I look forward to many great posts. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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