Want to be an innovator-in-residence?

No, not “here,” but at AcademyHealth.

AcademyHealth seeks thought leaders with innovative experiences in the translation, dissemination and implementation of health services research (HSR) for its Innovators-in-Residence Program, a new effort to learn from those who demonstrate unique approaches to moving technical information into policy or practice. Supported by a grant from Kaiser Permanente, the inaugural year of the program will address the uptake of new research findings in the delivery of safety net care, with the goal of improving care for vulnerable populations. During their one- to three-month tenure in the program, Innovators will serve as internal consultants for AcademyHealth while completing specific projects related to the science or process of translation and dissemination.

More here and here (PDF).

Disclosure: I serve on AcademyHealth’s Translation and Dissemination Institute’s Advisory Committee.


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