Trumpet Duets

This is mostly a “notebook entry” type post (I don’t want to lose track of the information). But it may benefit or interest others so no harm in sharing.

One of my other hobbies is playing the trumpet. I used to be very dedicated, and I played with some talented groups in my youth (with one I played at Carnegie Hall, no joke). Then I took a decade off. Now I’m trying for a comeback. Every week or so I play duets with a friend. We were getting bored with the music we own, and I didn’t know what to try next. Fortunately I have a connection to a major city symphony-level professional trumpet player. So I asked him. Here’s some of what he recommended:

It’s hard to beat the “Selected Duets” compiled and edited by H. Voxman published by Rubank. There are two volumes.

You can also try H. Pietzsch “24 Light Instructive Duets.” Ernest Williams has duets that are more technically instructive, but less musically satisfying.

If you are looking for performance quality duets, try the “6 Pieces Breves en Duo 2 Trompettes” by Casterede.

There are duets by Manfredini, Frescobaldi, Franchescini, Vivaldi, Pezel, Stanley. Or you can look at transcriptions by Handel or other famous composers.

A good resource for brass music is Robert King Music Sales. You can search and order online. They also have a “Brass Player’s Guide” if you prefer to look at a catalog.

Suggestions are always welcome.

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