• TIE in Australia

    For the next week, I’ll be in Australia, giving talks on tobacco, trade and public health at ANU and U Melbourne.  I’ll also be give a separate talk at ANU on the legal ecology of resistance.  Any Aussie TIE readers are welcome to attend.

    I’m also happy to bleg for food tips, especially on the drive from Canberra to Melbourne.

    • Drive from Canberra to Melbourne? You know that’s easily 8 hours, don’t you, and you’ll be jet lagged? The road is pretty boring, and the motorway cafeterias leave a great deal to be desired. I’d do like most Australians do, and fly.

      But if you can’t be discouraged, here are a couple of food tips.

      If you’re doing the trip in a single day, stopping in Albury at the Green Zebra (484 Dean Street) beats road food. Just a breakfast and lunch spot, but light and fresh stuff. The best coffee in Albury comes from the coffee trucklet at the Caltex station opposite the Botanical Gardens.

      If you’re breaking the trip overnight somewhere in northern Victoria, the wine region in Milawa has several good restaurants, and the Brown Brothers winery there is a pleasant (if a bit touristy restaurant) and there’s another spot called the Epicurean Centre which comes highly recommended. For Milawa, one leaves the highway at Wangaratta. If you don’t want to stray too far from the highway, Rinaldos at Wangaratta is a favourite of mine.

      Melbourne is, truly, one of the world’s best cities for eating and drinking. Each inner suburb which rings the CBD each has its own cuisone specialty: my favourite is Victoria Avenue, Richmond, for cheap ‘n cheerful Vietnamese. Greek food is exceptional in Melbourne: Ít’s the third largest Greek city in the world, you know (Try Hellenic Republic in Brunswick). Go to Acland Street in St. Kilda for a cake and coffee. And the Victoria Market in central Melbourne is great if you’re a foodie. All these are accessible on Melbourne’s extensive tram (streetcar) network. Where will you stay in Melbourne, BTW?

      If you can stretch to the Hyatt in Canberra, by all means stay there. Historically interesting and a great location is a city where almost every location is a bad one.

      • Many thanks – I’m already in Sydney, so jet lag isn’t a problem. I have 2 days between my meetings in Canberra and Melbourne, so your comments are very helpful.

    • Enjoy Oz. U Melbourne has a beautiful campus