The public option in the Senate

I’ve said before that the opt-out public option was politically savvy.  I still believe that.  We get a reasonably robust, nationwide public option.  Politicians on the fence get political cover.  It will will difficult for states that opt out to justify their decision if the public option does cost less for the same product.

I’m still in shock that Senator Reid decided to go this route.  Evidently, he has decided to go with a bill with such a public option.

Moreover, according to some reports, they aren’t even going to ask the CBO to score the “trigger” option.  If they don’t do that, I’m not sure it’s going to be even considered.

I sure hope Senator Reid knows what he’s doing.  But this should be good news to those that support a robust public option.  If they can get this through the Senate, it’s going to be in the final bill.

UPDATE: Fixed some grammar!

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