• The Medicaid population in one chart

    Here’s an illuminating chart brought to my attention by Jim Hufford. Pay close attention to how spending is broken out by Medicaid eligibility category. The disabled and elderly dominate within the top 5% of spenders. Kids and parents may not be consuming as much of Medicaid spending but the benefits are still very important to them.

    UPDATE: I initially misread the chart. Fixed my text.









    • This is part of why HSAs as a solution to health care costs worries me. I can see them maybe affecting costs for healthy patients and their primary care. How would they address the needs of these high needs patients?


    • Additional thought. If we want to finish this act of journalism, it would be interesting to add in the amount of spending that goes to deliveries and maternity care. IIRC, Medicare pays for about 1/3 of all deliveries.