• The law that would not die

    Dismissed by pundits as too ambitious or too timid,

    Struggled in the Senate to get a 60th vote,

    Looked dead with Senator Brown’s election in MA,

    Somehow passed in reconciliation with the House consenting,

    Battered by more than two years of litigation,

    Surviving in the Supreme Court by the narrowest of margins,

    And now, will be implemented in full on January 1, 2014 due to the re-election of

    President Barak Obama,

    Please regard, with amazement,

    the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Pub. L. 111-148


    • The ACA is a law which a significant portion of this country vehemently detests.
      Had the vote tipped the other way, the same problem would exist.
      This is a country no where close to consensus.
      Please keep that in mind.

    • I wonder if in 40 years Obama will be included on a list of the “Greatest Americans” for his part in the implemenation of the ACA.

      It wasn’t nearly as vehement as in the US, but Canada had similar divisions in the 60’s when our system was implemented. Four decades later the politician most associated with it (even though he was never in the governing party federally) was voted the Greatest Canadian. Moreover, any politician in Canada that talks about repealing (or even just overhauling) the health care system often finds that their political career is over, usually the same day.