Thank you. But I’m not that productive.

Aaron’s posts this week have generated a lot of interest, citations, and e-mail, and it is only Wednesday. I (we) are very grateful for the link-backs and feedback. Some of it credits me, not Aaron for the posts. So, I just want to be sure that folks realize that much of what they are reacting to isn’t my work. It’s Aaron’s.

I’m not saying that because I’m getting flamed (I am not). I’m saying that because the feedback is enormously positive and supportive and Aaron deserves the credit. So, before you fire off that e-mail or cite us in your blog post, be sure to check the by line. You can contact Aaron directly by e-mail. I’m reachable via a contact form.

I’m flattered that folks think I could pump out that many good posts in three days. I do write quickly, but I’m not that productive.

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