• Taking a break

    I’m heading to NYC on a surprise trip my wife arranged. I’m literally on the plane right now (technology is amazing). It’s unlikely I will be blogging this weekend, so I apologize for my lack of posts.

    If someone breaks the health care system, let Austin know. He knows how to reach me.

    • “Apologize?” Blah….

      I’ve learned a great deal since reading your blog posts, and not just about the US health care system. I’ve developed a better understanding of our Canadian health *insurance* system, and even a better understanding of my own health.

      I’m at an age where screening for things like prostate cancer and the like are becoming an issue. I’ve had a few discussions with my doctor over the last year, and because of your explanations between the differences between survival rates and mortality rates (or whatever they are called) I’ve been able to take an active part in those discussions instead of just being a passive listener.

      Your comments on the mammography screening issue have helped me to better understand the pros and cons of various tests, as well as realize that maybe some health issues can be safely not treated for various reasons. And it’s also given me a feel for just how expensive health care can be.

      In short, you’ve done me a great service, several times over. You’re doing it on your own time, without pay. I’m getting the benefit for free.

      Apologize? You ain’t got nuthin’ to apologize for.

      (But do let us know if you’re going to be away for a long period so we don’t worry about you.)