Steve Pizer, Co-Blogger

I’m pleased to announce that Steve Pizer has joined The Incidental Economist’s team of bloggers. Steve is a health economist with the Department of Veterans Affairs and an Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management at Boston University’s School of Public Health.

Regular readers already know him. He has authored a few guest posts and some collaborative posts with me. I know Steve very well, having worked with him for over a decade. He and I have teamed up on dozens of research projects and co-authored numerous academic publications. Also, he has been contributing unofficially to The Incidental Economist from the beginning as an adviser, sounding board, and occasional instigator of memes I might not have otherwise touched (devilish, no?).

It may seem redundant to have two health economists blogging here. But Steve’s focus will likely be different from mine, and his posts will be less frequent. For example, he has a comparative advantage in politics, in which he has some experience. He also has different personal interests and life experience. Since we already work so well professionally I am confident we’ll work well as co-bloggers too.

Welcome Steve. Blog away!

(By the way, those of you who subscribe by e-mail will now have an even harder time knowing whose post is whose. E-mailed blog posts don’t contain a by-line, a limitation of the tool. If you want to know who has written what, come to the site itself or do yourself a really big favor and use Google Reader and subscribe via RSS feed.)

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