Sports concussions as a public health issue

RWJF New Public Health Blog has an interesting profile on Kevin Guskiewicz, a concussion expert at the University of North Carolina. Guskiewicz is a Macarthur Foundation“Genius” Fellow:

Guskiewicz focuses on the cumulative effects of repetitive brain impacts and the relationship between magnitude and number of head impacts and clinical symptoms of concussion. Among his projects, Guskiewicz is working with college football players and coaches to correct improper tackling techniques that are linked to concussions.

This is important work that is having an impact. As a little league football coach the past two years, we spent far more time discussing head/neck safety and tackling than I ever had in Junior High and High School combined, and we used information from Dr. Guskiewcz’s work. The Q and A at the New Public Health Blog is very interesting.


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