Spleen Venting Cometh

Christopher Dodd declares an early Groundhog Day: six more weeks of nothing on health reform. From Political Wire:

Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) now says Democrats “should take a break of up to six weeks in the health care debate to allow the caucus to regroup and refocus on how to move a bill forward,” reports CQ Politics.

Dodd said it will be up to President Obama to get health care legislation back on track, perhaps by taking “a breather for a month, six weeks, and quietly go back and say the door’s open again.”

Does pushing votes closer to the midterms sound like a smart way to resurrect a politically controversial idea? Not to me either. It is hard to see how the Democrats get serious on this when everything they say suggests otherwise. I’m not sure when the media is going to officially declare a time of death but it has got to be getting close. When that happens, I expect much venting of spleens.

That’s a good segue to next week’s theme on this blog. I’ve declared it Catharsis Week. I and a guest blogger (or two, or three if they agree to it) will vent our emotions over health reform politics. I normally keep my emotions in check on the blog and this will be a rare and brief exception. But if I don’t let them out I may strangle the groundhog. You (and the groundhog) have been warned.

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