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I’m human; I can admit when I’ve screwed up. I took on more than I can handle these last few months, and that’s seriously cut into my blogging. The good news is that things are lightening up at the end of this month, and I plan a triumphant return in July.

In the meantime, go read this “Medicine and Society” essay in the NEJM by Louise Aronson Debra Malina. Best graf:

Those structural inequalities might lead a Martian who landed in the United States today and saw our health care system to conclude that we prefer treatment to prevention, that our bones and skin matter more to us than our children or sanity, that patient benefit is not a prerequisite for approved use of treatments or procedures, that drugs always work better than exercise, that doctors treat computers not people, that death is avoidable with the right care, that hospitals are the best place to be sick, and that we value avoiding wrinkles or warts more than we do hearing, chewing, or walking.

The whole thing is worth your time.


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