Shut up already. Kids today are better than you.

One of my biggest eye-rolling topics is the idea that somehow kids today are the worst, or that the kids in the past were better. Shut up, already. I’ve done multiple Healthcare Triage episodes on this topic. Today, Monitoring the Future released their yearly data on trends in substance abuse. Here’s alcohol:


Sloping ever lower at all age groups. Here’s pot:


At worst stable. But still, going down. And this is any use in the LAST YEAR! Here’s heroin:


Granted, never a huge amount, but still – sloping ever downwards. Finally, here’s all drugs other than pot together:


Sloping down, down, down.

Forever claiming that things are worse, that things used to be better, that somehow the kids these days are anything but awesome is lazy and ignores the evidence. Kids should be telling us to get off their lawn.


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