Shoved down our throats – Updated

Evidently, there is going to be a big vote on health care reform in the House.  It’s going to be on January 12, which is 8 days away.

There will be no hearings on the bill.  No markups out of committee.  No extended period for everyone to read it.  No bipartisan meeting to discuss it.  There will be no CBO scoring of the bill.

It will be – and when you read this, please add lots of sarcasm in your head – “shoved down our throats”.

I’m all for continued debate and further reform.  But theater masquerading as serious policy is no longer just silly.  It’s doing harm.

UPDATE:  Seriously?  You should see the emails I’m getting defending this.

I used sarcasm because I think the argument is as ridiculous now as it was then, but I find it amazing that many of the same people who argued that it was “shoved down our throats” and “there was no debate or discussion” now argue that no debate is necessary because there was so much debate before. Or, “the hearings have been held on under Obamacare.”

So there was no debate, but we need no debate now because there already was debate. And we shouldn’t have a bill without a CBO score, but now we need no CBO score.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

UPDATE #2:  There will be no amendments allowed.  Remember when that kind of thing was a problem?

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