Reflex: September 23, 2011

The Fox/Google debate of Republican Presidential candidates took place last night. Andrew Sullivan has a nice round-up of thoughts from all over the blogosphere. Aaron’s Comment: One of those is mine. For more of my thoughts on healthcare related issues from the debate read my post from last night.

The Department of Health and Human Services is delaying implementation of CLASS, writes Sam Baker. Julian Pecquet has more. The implementation on the long term care plan is being put on hold for a year and staff reassigned. Don’s comment: It would be easy to repeal CLASS (expect for the fact that CBO scores it as reducing the deficit in first 10 years) but unfortunately, we cannot repeal disability. The question of how will we insure long term care has typically been a policy back water, but the aging of the baby boomers is going to bring it to the fore. LTC is a complicated issue, and some of the Super Committee discussions are hitting at it around the edges. Medicaid is already massively involved. It would be lots better if an open, evidence based discussion of the policy options to address LTC could take place. Quaint, I know.

h/t Igor Volsky

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