Reflex: November 28, 2011

The doc fix crisis is back (AP). “Unless Congress acts before Jan. 1, doctors will again face steep Medicare cuts that threaten to undermine health care for millions of seniors and disabled people. This time it’s a 27.4 percent cut.”  Austin’s comment: Expect a lot of hand-wringing and proposals for long-term fixes over the next month or so. My prediction: Congress will do what it has done many times before, implement an interim patch.

Cara Wiri Dineen identifies the 8 germiest places in the Mall. Restroom sinks and food court tables top the list. Don’s comment: File this under ‘more good reasons to not go shopping on Black Friday’ or really, any time so long as you can shop online (today is Cyber Monday). Of course, many risked the mall on Friday, breaking a Black Friday record ($52.4 Billion spent).

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