Reflex: December 9, 2011

Plan B decision draws strong and mixed reaction, reports Anne E. Kornblut and N.C. Aizenman. “President Obama on Thursday defended his administration’s decision to block unrestricted sales of the morning-after pill as a “common-sense” parenting choice, even as women’s rights advocates condemned it as a cynical move that could provoke a damaging political backlash for the president next year.” Aaron’s Comment: My thoughts on this decision yesterday.

Federal judge halts changes to N.C. Medicaid, writes Lynn Bonner. The state Division of Medical Assistance had proposed to limit personal care services delivered via home health to elderly and disabled persons. Don’s commentThe proposed policy would limit home health services to persons with limitations in 3 Activities of Daily living (eating, dressing, toileting, bathing, etc) instead of the existing policy of 2. Several groups sued and the judge blocked the change. The policy was a small part of an overall $50 Million cost saving plan; 2,000-3,000 persons are affected by the ruling. This was a previous decision and is separate from the issue mentioned yesterday in reflex.

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