Reader Question – What's up with Senator Baucus' Finance Committee Plan?

A reader writes:

I heard [abourt Senator Baucus’ plan on a] Potus news brief and had to ask myself, what 5% do not get covered? I know that sounds like a stupid question but if it is a stupid question then his health care coverage proposal is stupid as well. You know the 5% are going to be of the poorest Americans who would certainly need access to health care the most.

If he could ensure the 5% not covered were the richest 5% in the country I would be accepting of the coverage proposal.

The news that the reader is referring to is an Associated Press Story:

A look at a health care overhaul plan from Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., under discussion by six senators on the Finance Committee.

WHO’S COVERED: Around 95 percent of Americans. Illegal immigrants would not receive government benefits.

COST: Under $900 billion over 10 years

Ironically, these 5% are probably not the poorest 5%.  It’s important to remember that the poorest among us are eligible for Medicaid.  That’s true now, and it will be true after health care reform.  The 5% referred to in this story are likely in the middle class.

You see, there will be subsidies up to a certain point.  Different versions of the bill have subsidies for people or families earning up to 300% or 400% of the poverty line.  There will also be mandates for people to have insurance.  The people most at risk are those making just above the subsidy caps.  They will get no help whatsoever for purchasing insurance, and they may not be able to afford the premiums.  So those people are most likely to be in the 5%.

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