Read Reinhardt today

Uwe Reinhardt got about 90% of the way toward reading my mind in his Economix post this morning. There are a few elements of it on which I could elaborate or slightly differ, but I won’t right now. (All would be points I’ve made before, and will again.) On the whole, he provides a nice organization of our “curve bending” options and why many of them have failed in the past and are likely to in the future.

Here’s how Reinhardt organizes his thinking:

Which of these variables are likely to be adjusted or adjustable given political and economic realities? Reinhardt explains.

What’s the other 10% of my mind he didn’t read in this post? I’ve expressed it before, and I will again, soon. It turns out I’ve got several posts drafted and in the queue that come to the same conclusion as Reinhardt on why bending the cost curve is hard, but they go one tiny step further. (You don’t expect me to scoop myself, do you? If you want the full story, you gotta keep reading the blog!!!)

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