Racial Disparities, Prescription Medications, and Promoting Equity

Gilbert Benavidez is a Policy Analyst with Boston University’s School of Public Health. He tweets at  @GBinsolidarity

Austin and I authored an article titled ‘Racial Disparities, Prescription Medications, and Promoting Equity’, which was published today at Public Health Post. The article is about promoting equity through pharmaceutical policy.

We fleshed out the multi-layered issue of inequitable medicine access experienced by racial minorities by discussing cost, lack of insurance, and implicit bias in prescribing practices. In response, we gave four practical policy options that the field can pursue immediately, including continued expansion of Medicaid, promotion of the ACA, an evidence based approach to reducing implicit bias, and one way to reduce pharmacy costs.

The multidimensional nature of health disparities and pharmaceutical law, policy, and practice requires multiple, synergistic approaches like those mentioned here, as a means to promote equitable access to necessary and effective medications for minorities.

Read it here at Public Health Post.

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