• Quote: The policy trap is nonpartisan

    President Barack Obama and his party have suffered in public-opinion polls amid the health site’s troubled rollout and as some five million people lost existing coverage that didn’t meet new standards, even as the law seeks to expand coverage to many more Americans. Some Republicans are now worried that a GOP proposal to begin taxing health-care benefits offered through employers—which would affect some 160 million Americans—would cause market disruptions far more severe and expose the party to its own political peril.

    Laura Meckler, The Wall Street Journal


    • Honestly, I don’t care about these arguments. I think it is imperative that we change the status quo even further than we have under ObamaCare. It is downright obscene that since rich people get a giant check worth more than the income necessary to lift a single person from zero to out of poverty while some poor people get absolutely zero help from the government. The employer-sponsored health insurance tax exclusion is indefensible.

    • non-growth, structural change has come to health care and it is having positive effects, (electronic medical records, ACA), more is needed to make medicine, pharmaceuticals, and all of the other segments of health care more dynamic and positive forces