• Quote of the day: Income verification is a nothingburger

    There’s nothing about the income verification measures that passed Wednesday night that will change Obamacare, aside from a few staff members at Health and Human Services devoting some hours to gathering the data and writing up these reports. And that probably explains why Democrats were okay with passing this language in the first place.

    Sarah Kliff, Wonkblog


    • That is an interesting statement, given the challenge the initial rollout has faced. What happens if HHS is not able to verify incomes and then cannot issue the requisite credit.

      • @Jardinero1, if HHS cannot verify incomes and issue the proper credit, that will be a huge problem. But the reason for the post, I believe, was to point out that the income verification measures passed as part of the budget deal don’t change anything. They largely duplicate the requirements that were already in place. The only difference now is that HHS will be writing reports about it.