• Quote: A critique of Obamacare from the left

    In real (or at least our preferred) life, we do have other, better things to do. We have books to read, children to raise, friends to meet, loved ones to care for, amusements to enjoy, drinks to drink, walks to take, webs to surf, couches to lie on, games to play, movies to see, protests to make, movements to build, marches to march, and more. Most days, we don’t have time to do any of that. We’re working way too many hours for too little pay, and in the remaining few hours (minutes) we have, after the kids are asleep, the dishes are washed, and the laundry is done, we have to haggle with insurance companies about doctor’s bills, deal with school officials needing forms signed, and more.

    Corey Robin, Jacobin. Related: See this Doonesbury cartoon in Aaron’s prior post.


    • Daily living does include a number of nettlesome chores. I am not sure socialism, however he imagines it, is going to aid the author in his particular lament. Perhaps the he would be happier if he moved back in with his parents.

    • I think Robin is right, but only to an extent. Closing off choices in fundamental things that we all need can be very convenient, but why not just centrally plan the economy on that same logic? There has to be a clear demarcation where the individual is allowed to have choice.