Public Option going down in the Finance Committee

Well, it’s not looking good for the public option in the Finance Committee debate.  But the arguments against it are telling.  Per the NYT:

“A government run plan will ultimately force private insurers out of business,” Mr. Grassley said, adding that supporters of the public option were trying to open a back door toward a fully government-run, or single-payer, health system like those in Canada or England.

“Public option is a step toward a completely government run plan that they are hoping for,” Mr. Grassley said.

First of all, if the public option runs private insurers out of business, it will be because it is more appealing to Americans as an option.  How is that bad?  I’m not asking rhetorically.  Seriously.  Senator Grassley, if we believe in the marketplace, and we believe that the group that can offer the best product for the lowest price should win – if private insurance can’t do it, why should we keep them around?

Moreover, how then has Medicare not put private insurance out of business?  How come we aren’t afraid of that single-payer system sliding us down the slippery slope into socialism?

Can someone please ask him?

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