This Week’s Best Posts on Health Reform

The title is a triple inside joke, and I’m about to let you in on it (them). First of all, I don’t post lists of “best posts” or “interesting stuff I found on the web.” That’s what my News & Links feed is for (see far right sidebar; subscribe to it if it interests you).

Second, it is only Tuesday, a rather odd day to list this week’s best.

Third, I declare these the best posts because they’re the best posts about me, or rather, my work pertaining to Medicare Advantage with colleagues Steve Pizer and Roger Feldman. They’re by bloggers I read regularly to keep up to date on health reform. If you read them too you already know about the following:  

You’ve got to admit, those are darn good blog posts, no? As long as Drum, Klein, and Sullivan keep putting out posts just like these they’re sure to make all of my “best of” posts.

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