Provider-insurer integration (crowdsourcing)

For a project, I’m trying to find health care providers that are integrated with (in the sense of owning or being owned by) Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. To add another degree of difficulty, at the moment I’m not interested in recent acquisitions but the state of things as of 2009. That’s due to other data limitations.

Using the web, it’s not terribly hard to validate a potential provider-insurer integrated enterprise once you have a candidate provider organization. The harder part of the process is coming up with candidates. Below is my current provider organizations list. Maybe you can suggest others that I should also check out.

I’m asking you because I’ve already beat my head against this three other ways, including contacting many experts, and the list remains rather short. There is no database of integrated organizations. This is not something you can infer from administrative records. As far as I know, nobody tracks this systematically. But maybe you know something I or the experts I might think to contact don’t. So, let’s give it a try. Can you name a provider organization that you think is or might be integrated with a health plan?

My list:

  • Geisinger (verified integrated with an MA plan)
  • Carle Clinic (verified integrated with an MA plan)
  • Marshfield clinic (verified integrated with an MA plan)
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • UAB Health System
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

What about other university hospitals?

Further reading here on why hospitals and insurers might integrate.


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