• Point vs. plane

    Via @mamajoan:

    The sign was posted at MIT, of course.


    • The old joke about the young man at the grocery store in the 10 items or less line with a basket-full of groceries. The clerk says to the young man: “You must be a student at MIT or Harvard?” “How did you know”, asked the young man. “Because you either can’t read or can’t count”, replied the clerk.

    • And of course, we have to ask why the sign is facing the way it is. The photo is taken from the inside, looking out.

      • My guess: It was posted at a party. Alcohol was permitted at the party, but not permitted to be carried around campus.

        • OK, so the position of the sign implies that at MIT, it’s some kind of bizarro world where hordes of drunk people stumble out of labs, rather than hordes of drunk people bumbling into labs from the main campus. Wouldn’t you expect it to be more the latter?

          Heck, maybe not. It’s been some time since I’ve been in school. But if I were at MIT, I’d be more likely to knock a few beers back at the Cambridge Brewing Company and then stagger into some engineering lab.

          • Huh? As I was trying to convey, it was likely posted at a party in a building, e.g., a graduation event. Alcohol permitted at the event but not wandering about campus.

            • It was a joke. Unfortunately, my sense of humor leans deadpan, which doesn’t carry well over the Internets.