People and Perspectives: worth some of your time

I have been alerted to the existence of People & Perspectives:

People & Perspectives (P&P) is a digital story-telling library supported by PRIM&R (Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research).

P&P features stories of those working in the research field, including institutional review board (IRB) and institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) professionals, research staff, committee members, institutional officials, researchers, subjects, advocates, regulators, industry representatives, ethicists, and anyone else who considers themselves part of the human subjects and animal care and use enterprise. It is a collection of stories in multiple mediums, i.e., audio- and video-recordings of oral histories and interviews, essays, content from PRIM&R’s ample archives, and profiles of leaders and luminaries.  Some content is contributed by individuals, and some is recorded and gathered by PRIM&R for this purpose.

We hope that you will help us make history by adding your story to this library, and to honor the history of the field and of those in it by viewing and sharing these stories.

Some of the videos are by very well-known people in research ethics. They’re the kind of people who do amazing work, but don’t necessarily publish in the journals we cover here. It’s amazing to be able to see some of them in action. For instance, here is Eric Meslin talking about “The Tsunami of Information on the Internet“:

More Eric here. More videos here.


*Eric is a close friend and colleague, and therefore I’m obviously potentially conflicted about him. Don’t care. Go watch.

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