Paying for the doc fix

Now that we appear to have a bipartisan agreement on the doc fix, the question is how will they pay for the $136.1 $150.4 billion price tag (CBO, including the extenders).  (prior CBO cost estimates here and here)  UPDATE: the latest official CBO score on the doc fix sets the price at $115.1 based on S.1871; the latest bipartisan agreement between the House and Senate has not yet been scored by CBO but informal reports suggest the cost will be $126 billion (without extenders) or $170 billion with extenders. h/t to Loren Adler.

The CBO has a general list of 16 fiscal options relating to health:

CBO fiscal options1CBO fiscal options2Many of these options are quite controversial.  Reduce funding for the NIH? Reduce benefits for some veterans? Raise Medicare eligibility to 67? Convert Medicare to a premium support system? Cap Medicaid, removing the entitlement? Eliminate subsidies in the exchanges above 300% FPL? 

The deal’s not done until they’ve agreed on how to pay for it.


Updated to reflect CBO cost estimates

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