Patience is not my virtue

OK, so I can’t entirely wait for the conference. Senator Wyden and Representative Ryan wrote an editorial today in the WSJ on their Medicare reform plan. Will someone please explain this paragraph to me?

Our plan would also expand health-care options for working Americans by giving smaller businesses the opportunity to empower their employees to make their own health-care choices. Under this “free choice option,” employees take the amount that their employer was contributing toward their employer-provided health coverage and use it to purchase their own health insurance instead. The cost to the employer—and the tax-free benefit to the worker—would remain the same.

Combined with expanded choices for Medicare beneficiaries, this would also make it possible for more and more Americans to transfer into Medicare without having to change doctors and insurance.

So is this plan more than just Medicare reform? Is it meant to apply to everyone? Is it an expansion/alteration of the ACA? (I’m looking at you, media. ASK!)

I’m not surprised Sen. Wyden would write that (see Wyden free choice option), but does Rep. Ryan support it? His name is on the editorial…


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