Open Thread: Health Reform Politics and Policy

I’ve never offered an open thread before so this is an experiment and not necessarily something I’ll do again (we’ll see how it goes).

Please share your thoughts in the comments on anything related to health reform politics and policy. I’ll apply a lighter-than-normal touch to comment moderation and otherwise stay out of the way. Here are a few questions to get started:

  • Was the MA election largely a rejection of Obama’s health reform agenda? A rejection of his style? A rejection of a bad candidate (Coakley)? The embrace of a good candidate (Brown)? A reaction to a bad economy?A response to disgust with the political process?
  • What’s your vision of an ideal health system? Now modify that to conform to political realities. What’s the best we can get?
  • Should the Democrats use their majority to pass health reform, or move to other issues?
  • What would it mean if a majority (even super-majority) party doesn’t achieve its goals?
  • How will you feel if House Democrats don’t pass the Senate health reform bill?
  • Is the political experience of health reform the new normal (a year of wrangling signifying, so far, nothing)? Or can meaningful progress be made on other issues?

Have at it.

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