One thing is clear: There’s a lot of confusion and I’m not helping

So, I’d better shut up about the CLASS provisions. Seems some folks think analysis that dates back to months before the final bill passed isn’t right because some aspects changed. That means what I took as consensus that there are deep problems with CLASS may not be. Consequently, there is a lot of confusion. I’m not helping, though I’m attracting comments and documents that may, ultimately help. Thing is, I don’t have time to read them and arbitrate. Our congressional representatives have the same problem. This is exactly what the CBO is for!

Here’s what I’ll do. As credible and recent evidence and estimates based on the final bill are sent to me or linked to in comments, I’ll find a way to make them known in some post or other (could be in an end-of-day “R and R” so read those). That’s the most I can commit to right now.

I’m resetting my thinking on the CLASS provisions back to “uncertain.” I gotta be fair and that seems to be the honest state of things as far as I know.

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