On The Record

  • RWJF: New grants that are a part of initiatives to ‘Lift the Quality of American Life’ will test and promote value based health care purchase in 16 communities around the nation.
  • RWJF: Health and Society Scholars applications due in Fall (were due October 1, 2010 for last round).
  • McKenna, Long & Aldridge report: Health Insurance Exchange Legislation in the States. Useful summary with nice maps, charts and tables of where the states stand on implementation.
  • National Association of Community Health Centers: Report on the Cost and Quality of Care Delivered by CHSs. A related Kaiser Health News Interview with Dan Hawkins of NACHC on the role and mission of CHCs and their role in the health care system both before and after health reform.
  • Center for Retirement Research Boston Univ: Financial Security Project. Interesting links and working papers on retirement issues, both related to Social Security and otherwise
  • Committee for Responsible Federal Budget: Summary Table of Fiscal Plans that have been put forth.
  • Committee for Responsible Federal Budget re-estimates the impact of the President’s Fiscal Commission plan

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