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    •  CBO: Repeal of CLASS would be scored as having no budgetary impact

    Today in TIE: Reflex, Austin on insurer market concentration and premiums, Don on where CLASS fit into LTC and how will we insure LTC?, Aaron on what the demise of CLASS does not teach us.

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    • I’m not sure I understand what the CBO is saying. It seems like they’re saying that as soon as it was announced that CLASS would not be administered, a future with no class became part of the baseline budget. Therefore, if CLASS was repealed, since the CBO excludes it anyway, there would be no effect to the budget.

      But the fact that CLASS will not be administered does have an effect on the deficit (the deficit will be higher in the short/medium term and lower in the long-term).

      • @Jeremy N
        I think both of the things you say are true. They also say in the short piece this is standard procedure.