• On The Record

    • WHO says 6 in 10 deaths globally occur due to non-communicable disease. Detailed report with a great deal of information
    • RWJF Public Health: Report on Food Safety, ranking the 10 most dangerous food/pathogen combinations
    • Dept of Commerce: Advanced estimate of economic growth in 1st Quarter is 1.8% which is slower than many expected and slower than 4th Quarter 2010
    • Kaiser report: health care costs rising faster than income growth in all OECD nations; particularly fast in US (not exactly breaking news, but a nice update with analysis and charts that make clear the magnitude differences)
    • More on budget failsafe triggers from Pew-Peterson. 10 important questions when designing such mechanisms
    • CMS listening session on ACO regs was held today in Seattle. Session available online
    • Dartmouth Atlas White Paper on End of Life Care