On The Record

  • Council on Foreign Relations: Interview with 5 experts on effect of US deficit on international competitiveness
  • CMS: News release w/links on implementing Value-Based Purchasing per ACA
  • CMS: Inpatient Psychiatrict Facility Pricer files up through FY 2011
  • CMS: Flexibility for residents of Alabama affected by tornado for Medicare/Medicaid documentation
  • CMS: Hospital outpatient prospective payment system fact sheets revised, March 2011 
  • KHN/Bara Vaida: What is IPAB & how it will change Medicare?
  • NIHCM Report: Building a stronger evidence base for employee wellness
  • NIHCM Foundation: Making risk adjustment work for health care reform; recap of conference with many experts
  • Squire, Sanders: blogging recap of FTC ACO workshop focused on anti-trust issues
  • GAO: Nursing Homes: better data and consistent guidance would improve CMS oversight of State complaints

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