My plea for “replace”

The health reform conversation has been boring me for a while. I couldn’t figure out if it was just me or if the landscape had really gotten dull. Thanks to Jon Bernstein, I am now convinced it’s not me. It’s them!

So how’s that “replace” phase going? Not so much. Still haven’t seen a bill, yet (it’s possible someone has introduced something, but certainly no high-profile launch). What about (as promised) committee hearings to develop a new bill? Nope. […]

Now, I should note that subcommittee Chair Phil Roe did hint in that press release that replacement was still on the agenda. And it’s still only been two months. But, at least as I can gather from the materials on the various committee web sites, replace is still just empty rhetoric, primarily employed because polling shows that repeal-only is massively unpopular.

What I didn’t include in that quote was a bunch of links to things various committees and subcommittees are doing on health reform. As best I can tell, Bernstein is trying to be fair and thorough here. He’s really looking for the action. He’s not finding anything. No wonder I’m bored.

Are we done with health reform? Should I find something else to do?*

* Yes, I’m joking.

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