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Because somebody asked, below is a list of my published, peer reviewed papers. They’re in chronological order, so scroll down for the latest. As of 9 June 2014, I am going to stop maintaining this list. You can find my publications listed in Google Scholar and at the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

1. Frakt AB, Karl WC, and Willsky AS, “A Multiscale Hypothesis Testing Approach Anomaly Detection and Localization From Noisy Tomographic Data,” IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 7(6):825-837, June 1998. [summary]

2. Daoudi K, Frakt AB, and Willsky AS, “Multiscale Autoregressive Models and Wavelets,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 45(3):828-845, April 1999. [summary, the source of my Erdös number]

3. Frakt AB and Willsky AS, “Computationally Efficient Stochastic Realization for Internal Multiscale Autoregressive Models,” Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing, 12(2):109-142, April 2001. [summary]

4. Frakt AB, Lev-Ari H, and Willsky AS, “A Generalized Levinson-Algorithm for Covariance Extension with Application to Multiscale Autoregressive Modeling,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 49(2):411-424, February 2003. [summary]

5. Pizer SD and Frakt AB, “Payment Policy and Competition in the Medicare+Choice Program,” Health Care Financing Review, 24(1):83-94, Fall 2002. [summary]

6. Pizer SD, Frakt AB, and Feldman R, “Payment Policy and Inefficient Benefits in the Medicare+Choice Program,” International Journal of Healthcare Finance and Economics, 3(2):79-93, June 2003. [summary]

7. Frakt AB, Pizer SD, and Wrobel MV, “High Risk Pools for Uninsurable Individuals: Recent Growth, Future Prospects,” Health Care Financing Review, 26(2):73-87, Winter 2004. [summary]

8. Frakt AB, Pizer SD, Schmitz R, and Mattke S, “Partial Capitation in the CNO Medicare Demonstration,” Health Care Financing Review, 26(4):21-37, Summer 2005. [summary]

9. Pizer SD, Feldman R, and Frakt AB, “Defective Design: Regional Competition in Medicare,” Health Affairs, w5-399-411, August 2005. [summary]

10. Frakt AB and Pizer SD, “A First Look at the New Medicare Prescription Drug Plans,” Health Affairs, 25(4):w252-w261, May 2006. [summary]

11. Frakt AB and Pizer SD, “Attribute Substitution in Early Enrollment Decisions into Medicare Prescription Drug Plans,” Health Economics, 17(4): 513-521, April 2008. [summary]

12. Pizer SD, Frakt AB, and Feldman R, “Predicting Risk Selection Following Major Changes in Medicare,” Health Economics, 17(4):453-468, April 2008. [summary]

13. Frakt AB, Pizer SD, and Hendricks AM, “Controlling Prescription Drug Costs: Regulation and the Role of Interest Groups in Medicare and the Veterans Health Administration,” Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 33(6):1079-1107, December 2008. [summary]

14. Pizer SD, Frakt AB, and Feldman R, “Nothing for Something? Estimating Cost and Value for Beneficiaries from Recent Medicare Spending Increases on HMO Payments and Drug Benefits,” International Journal of Healthcare Finance and Economics, 9(1):59-81, March 2009. [mentioned in many posts: 1, 2, 3, 4]

15. Frakt AB and Pizer SD, “Beneficiary Price Sensitivity in the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Market,” Health Economics, 19(1):88-100, January 2010. [summary]

16. Frakt AB, Pizer SD, and Feldman R, “Payment Reduction and Medicare Private Fee for Service,” Health Care Financing Review, 30(3):15-24, Spring 2009. [summary]

17. Pizer SD, Frakt AB, Iezzoni LI, “Uninsured Adults with Chronic Conditions or Disabilities: Gaps in Public Insurance Programs,” Health Affairs, 28(6):w1141-w1150, December 2009. [summary]

18. Frakt AB, “The Future of Health Care Costs: Hospital-Insurer Balance of Power,” National Institute for Health Care Management, November 2010. [PDF]

19. Hendricks A, Gardner J, Frakt AB, Gilden D, Prentice J, Wolfsfeld L, and Pizer S, “What can Medicaid data add to research on VA patients?” Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 47(8):773-780, 2010. [PDF]

20. Frakt AB, “Does Health Care Cost Shifting Exist? A Review of the Evidence,” The Milbank Quarterly, 89(1):90-130, March 2011. [working paper version and companion guide for practitioners]

21. Frakt AB, Carroll AE, Pollak HA, Reinhardt U, “Our Flawed but Beneficial Medicaid Program,” New England Journal of Medicine, 354(16):e31(1-2), April 2011. [ungated]

22. Frakt AB, Pizer SD, and Feldman R, “Should Medicare Adopt the Veterans Health Administration Formulary?” Health Economics, 21(5):485-495, May 2012. [summary]

23. Iezzoni LI, Frakt AB, and Pizer SD, “Uninsured Persons with Disability Confront Substantial Barriers to Health Care Services,” Disability and Health Journal, 4(4):238-244, 2011. [summary]

24. Aaron HJ, Frakt AB, “Why Now Is Not the Time for Premium Support,” New England Journal of Medicine, 366(10):877-879, March 2012. [ungated, post]

25. Frakt AB, Pizer SD, and Feldman R, “The Effects of Market Structure and Payment Rates on Private Medicare Health Plan Entry,” Inquiry, 49(1):15-36, Spring 2012.  [post]

26. Frakt AB, Mayes R, “Beyond Capitation: How New Payment Experiments Seek To Find The ‘Sweet Spot’ In Amount Of Risk Providers And Payers Bear,” Health Affairs, 31(9):1951-1958, September 2012. [summary]

27. Carroll AE and Frakt AB, “The Health Policy Election,” Journal of the American Medical Association, 308(16):1633-1634, October 2012. [ungated]

28. Frakt AB and Carroll AE, “Sound Policy Trumps Politics: States Should Expand Medicaid,” forthcoming in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 38(1):165-178, February 2013. [post]

29. Frakt AB and Carroll AE, “The Quality Imperative: What We Already Know Could Save the US Health System,” American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 44(1): S22-S26, January 2013. [ungated]

30. Carroll AE and Frakt AB, “Medicaid Expansion: Good for Children, their Parents, and Providers,” JAMA Pediatrics, 167(6):511-512, June 2013. [post]

31. Carroll AE and Frakt AB, “New Evidence Supports, Challenges, and Informs the Ambitions of Health Reform,” Journal of the American Medical Association, 309(24): 2600-2601, June 2013. [ungated]

32. Frakt AB, Pizer SD, Feldman R, “Plan-Provider Integration, Premiums, and Quality in the Medicare Advantage Market,” Health Services Research, published online 26 June 2013. [post]

33. Frakt AB, Trafton J, Wallace A, Neuman M, and Pizer SD, “Directed Funding to Address Under-Provision of Treatment for Substance Use Disorders,” Implementation Science, 8:79, July 2013. [ungated]

34. Frakt AB, “The End of Hospital Cost Shifting and the Quest for Hospital Productivity,” Health Services Research, published online 16 September 2013. [post]

35. Frakt AB, “Improving Health Through Coverage Expansion,” Annals of Internal Medicine, 160(9):649-650, 6 May 2014. [post]

36. McWilliams JM, Dalton JB, Landrum MB, Frakt AB, Pizer SD, Keating KL, “Geographic Variation in Cancer-Related Imaging: Veterans Affairs Health Care System Versus Medicare,” Annals of Internal Medicine, 161(11):794-802, 2014. [post]

37. Frakt AB, Hanchate A, Pizer SD, “The effect of Medicaid expansions on demand for care from the Veterans Health Administration,” Healthcare, online 12 March 2015. [post]

38. Frakt AB, Trafton J, Pizer SD, “Maintenance of Access as Demand for Substance Use Disorder Treatment Grows,” Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, online 18 March 2015. [post]

39. Frakt AB, Bagley N, “Protection or Harm? Suppressing Substance-Use Data,” New England Journal of Medicine, online 15 April 2015. [post]


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