• My favorite readers

    Are, of course, all of you.

    On the last day of 2011, let me thank all of you from all of us. This has been another banner year for TIE, and we very much appreciate your visits, your comments, and your time. We look forward to 2012!

    • As a young health policy guy, TIE has been a very important part of my professional development in 2011. Thanks for sharing all the wisdom!

    • Austin, A[a]ron, Don, Kevin, & Harold

      Just a note to say thanks for the work that you guys do to make the blog interesting and challenging. TIE is my first read in the morning and I revisit it several times during the day. Its depth on important subjects like premium support and market power is significant.

      Best wishes for a Happy New Year. Please keep up the good work.


      Your photographic choices are also excellent. The February issue of Outdoor Photography has a brief story about the “Ghost Trees” in Namibia which was presented on TIE several months ago.

      Al Charbonneau

    • And thank you for all hard work writing AND researching for this blog

    • Happy New Year. Let me add my thanks to those above for the hard work you guys put in.


    • To everyone at TIE, let me add a big thank you for your great blog. It has been informative and provided much needed policy perspective. Your work on Medicare particularly has been really incisive. Happy New Year!

      – Lee

    • Want to second (third, fourth, fifth, …) all of the above. I think this post should (if there is any justice in the world) have about 28,374 comments.