More reasons to like Google Chrome

Welcome to the world of “apps.”

This isn’t just a boring post about how much I like the Google Chrome browser. It’s a post about some extensions to the browser that solve some actual problems I wanted to solve, one of which I’ve blogged about.

Problem: Partial RSS feeds irritate me.

Solution: Super Google Reader. It can suck in the full post even for partial-feed blogs. Sorry NY Times, I’m not clicking through to read Krugman or Nate Silver any more. Same goes for you, The Health Care Blog.

Problem: I prefer a different e-mail signature depending on the nature of correspondence.

Solution: Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures. It allows up to four different signatures per linked e-mail. Thus, not only can I have a different signature for my work e-mail address vs. my personal e-mail address (both of which run through Gmail), I can have four signatures for each, independently. So, if I’m sending an e-mail for which my full address is necessary, I pick that signature. If it is just an e-mail to a good friend, I pick my casual signature. I’ve even got a special signature with blog info, Twitter feed, etc. How handy!

Problem: I want a drop-down menu of favorites in my nav bar all the time.

Solution: Bookmark menu. It could be better, but it works.

And there’s more! But I won’t bore you. Explore for yourself.

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