• More reasons to like Google Chrome

    Welcome to the world of “apps.”

    This isn’t just a boring post about how much I like the Google Chrome browser. It’s a post about some extensions to the browser that solve some actual problems I wanted to solve, one of which I’ve blogged about.

    Problem: Partial RSS feeds irritate me.

    Solution: Super Google Reader. It can suck in the full post even for partial-feed blogs. Sorry NY Times, I’m not clicking through to read Krugman or Nate Silver any more. Same goes for you, The Health Care Blog.

    Problem: I prefer a different e-mail signature depending on the nature of correspondence.

    Solution: Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures. It allows up to four different signatures per linked e-mail. Thus, not only can I have a different signature for my work e-mail address vs. my personal e-mail address (both of which run through Gmail), I can have four signatures for each, independently. So, if I’m sending an e-mail for which my full address is necessary, I pick that signature. If it is just an e-mail to a good friend, I pick my casual signature. I’ve even got a special signature with blog info, Twitter feed, etc. How handy!

    Problem: I want a drop-down menu of favorites in my nav bar all the time.

    Solution: Bookmark menu. It could be better, but it works.

    And there’s more! But I won’t bore you. Explore for yourself.

    • Re: Super Google Reader

      It’s not working for me (on the NYT feeds I’ve tried). It either redirects me away from Reader to the actual NYT website, or it just displays “Loading…”.

      Any advice?

      • @jme – Beats me. I’m not a guru on this stuff, but it is working for me. Update your reader and make sure you’ve got the latest extension. Then restart everything. Still fail? Find a forum on which to post your problem ’cause I’m out of ideas.

    • You know the bookmark bar can also contain folders right? This allows you to click on the folder to see bookmarks inside. I learned this with ie6 but works in firefox and chrome too.

      Thx again for your healthcare series. It explained a lot about why I can’t afford insurance.

    • The gmail signature can be done with saved canned responses. It’s part of gmail labs. It works with any browser, not just Chrome.

    • Second what Sun says: I use the Bookmark Bar with folders in Firefox all the time (phew, that came out far wordier than how it sounded in my head). I’m curious about the SuperReader aspect, though. I usually stiuplate in my reader to only send me part of a story, just enough so I can judge if I want to read the whole thing or not (this is probably a matter of personal preference). As for our blog, I only send out a teaser so that those who are interested will provide traffic. As a blogger yourself, how do you track traffic and/or interest via RSS?

      • @Michelle W – Not supplying the full feed is unkind to your potential readers and probably not helping you (my opinion and that of others — see my post on it). Track RSS by piping your feed through Feedburner. Track traffic to your site with Sitemeter or Google Analytics. (See the bottom right of every page of this blog — the footer — for widget counters for each.)