More about cost-sharing reductions, now in podcast format

I had the good fortune yesterday to be a guest on Dan Diamond’s terrific podcastPOLITICO’s Pulse Check.

The central fight over the ACA has (for now) moved from Congress to the White House, where President Donald Trump is debating whether to yank key payments for insurers. But some senators are hinting that a bipartisan compromise on Obamacare is coming — as long as Trump doesn’t blow up their efforts, that is.

First, POLITICO’s Jennifer Haberkorn and Paul Demko join Dan Diamond to talk about what’s next in the Senate, the legal case that gives Trump the power to nix the payments, and what it was like to watch the dramatic vote early Friday morning. (Starts at 1:30.)

Then after the break, Nicholas Bagley, a University of Michigan law professor who’s a leading voice on the ACA’s legal issues, explains the theory behind the current case, what happens in the courts if Trump yanks the payments, and the series of legal attacks on Obamacare over the years. (Starts at the 22:45 mark).

The podcast was really fun to do, and Dan is a wonderful interviewer. Give it a listen!


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